First Notes from Kinan Azmeh
A note from Adriaan

In December Kinan Azmeh sent us the first sketches of his new piece; chapter six of the cycle (Reflect). The very next day we did something very exciting; We read through the fresh material during a video call with Kinan. Although by looking through the score you can tell immediately that this composition will eventually become a meditative and sacral piece that will take the listener to a place where one can quietly reflect on our whereabouts in the first half of the Mikrokosmos journey, Kinan provided us with some food for thought, calculation and practicing! After a long, sustained note, with three different chords underneath it, the long note turns into a pulse played by one of the violins, later joined by the viola. So far, so good. But when the double bass enters with a slow groove with a different pulse, it starts to get complicated and when the second violin starts playing a pattern in which every note consistently takes one third longer than the first pattern, we’re all lost, and even Daniel’s smart rhythmic nudges and whispers to keep everyone in the boat don’t give us a clue anymore on which page of the score we are. At least that’s what happened the first time we tried to play it through. And the second time. And… Well. That’s what made it so exciting. In the end each one of us was focusing on his own part, trying to be as steady as possible, and this way we made it to the end, where a beautiful choral awaited us.

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