Looking back at November Music 2022
A note from Mascha

Our third Construction Site on November Music Festival is done! Three years in a row, and three times a hugely different experience for us. First time, in 2020, the whole festival was cancelled due to the pandemic. We could not wait to start working on Mikrokosmos so we decided to host our own live stream edition and broadcasted 4 days in a row from the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam. For the 2021 and 2022 edition we had a little theatre (Theater Artemis) in Den Bosch as our home for 4 days. What a pleasure to open our doors for a live audience again there!

During those three construction sites on November Music we saw the project grow, and our confidence in what we are making grew with that. I remember the scary feeling at the 2020 live stream edition when only 3 Mikrokosmos pieces were written an there was just a start of the album concept. We were convinced we wanted to share the project in an early stage and we believed in it a lot, but it was hard to explain what our fantasy was all about. Where to start? And which words to use? In the end it is about the music in the project, so the music should do the work. All the talking felt weird back than..

For me, a key moment at our last edition was when Bryce Dessner worked with us. When he came in, he just started asking questions. About what we are making, the concept for the cycle, the other composers, the proceses we had with them, how we felt with the music at this moment. He asked us to play fragments of the pieces that are (partly) finished now.

We could see him take in all this information and a collective feeling arose: there is so much work done already, so many notes are there that make some sense. Looking in his head we got a glimpse of the final album and that felt very exciting.

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