Introducing: Visual Artist Frouke Ten Velden

Sculptor and live visual performer
Frouke ten Velden, Media Artist and live visual performer based in Amsterdam. As live visual performer Frouke approaches her set (her visuals and devices) as a musician approaches his instrument. In her sculptural work, she explores the boundaries and meaning of sculpture through light, and herein seeks the possibilities of sculpture as a performative medium. Her work has been shown at various galleries and Art festivals like the Van Gogh MuseumEye Film InstituteTodaysArt festival and the international Rio mapping festival(Br), Fotonica (It) and LPM festival and  art spaces zoals MU, EindhovenW139 Amsterdam en Galerie Bart Nijmegen.

(Live) Scenographer and art director
Frouke works as (live) scenographer and art director of theater, music and dance performances. She often finds herself on the cross section of various artistic scenes. Like her collaborative projects wherein she works with artists and musicians from different fields and backgrounds. From The National Ballet, an orchestra playing Shostakovich or a Socio-Political theater play in the empty shipyards of Amsterdam. She has a continued collaboration with dance theater collective House of Makers, and artists MyBaby, Merol and Tania Kross.

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