Julia Phillippens

Julia started Fuse in 2012 during her studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Soon after she graduated her Jazz Master, where the committee labeled her as an “unique, pioneering violinist with a radiant stage presence.” Julia believes in the power of improvisation, to get to know your own voice, the voices around you and really communicate with each other.
Julia took her first steps as a composer in 2018 for her duo with pianist and composer Xavi Torres. Her first Octet: ‘Hommage a Enescu’ premiered in Tilburg Concert Hall by Rosanne Philippens & Friends, and was broadcasted live on Dutch Public Radio 4. Soon after, she wrote her first piece for Fuse. ‘Influent’ was premiered by Fuse in December 2020 on Dutch television show ‘Podium Klassiek’ and performed live in The Concertgebouw. In August 2021, an orchestral version of ‘Influent’ premiered at Festival Veenhuizen.

‘Secret Garden’ is the next chapter for Julia on her path as a composer. We’re very exciting to see what’s next!

there shouldn’t be any boundaries. Not by genre, not by fear of the unknown.
Julia Philippens
'Influent' (Julia Philippens) by Fuse
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